Another note about blogging: You read it stinking backwards!

Now, I’ve written a number of novels, and I have always written the ending last, then I go back and make sure everything lines up to it (or intentionally does not — because I believe in trickery).

And the beginning — I go over and over and over those first two pages — even to the point of slaughtering them. No other page gets the same amount of focus as the first — though, admittedly, I’m changing the direction of my writing — of my writing process — so that will probably change in the future. But regardless, that first page will be given the most cumulative attention of any other part of the book. I’d say 90% of people who read anything of a book, read the first page. (that over generous %10 is taking into account people who, like me, maybe scan a paragraph or two from some random part of the book, in passing — which percentage might remain stable, through the electronification of books, due to search results). But blogs —

Paragraph break because this is a blog and every successive sentence within a paragraph dramatically increases skipping.

— but who reads the first post in a blog? Who reads blogs to begin with? This is the internet, why read when there’s millions of hours of video! and pictures! and videos of pictures! and music!

I’ll tell you what I read on the internet: I read comments. I love comments. Some day I will write a novel and give the freaking things comments. Actually, I’ve done this. I do this to every novel I’ve written.

This is probably one of the things that has kept me from publishing. And it is one of the things I will try to be changing about my process.

Okay I got derailed by the comment thing (so commentary! should be a way we describe works of art that get off topic and spin into flamewars and other outlandish monkey battles of feces and kitten pictures, ad hominem arguments and I am getting distracted again. This is the internet’s fault. THIS IS THE FAULT OF BLOGGING—)

Blogging is so temporal. It’s relationship to time is almost backwards to a book’s. Not just litterally, but in effect, too. I did not plan ahead when I named the first blog post (see below). Instead, I acted. And now I would have to go back and edit its title to come in line with this post, and the next two, too! But that would be disingenuous.

And the one thing the net is not — is disingenuous.

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